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Children and Families Care & Support

Our services focused around supporting Children and Family Care

We provide a highly individualised care and support service for children and families. 

Our specialist team support a diverse range of children with complex health and care needs and children living with learning disabilities and difficulties including Autism, ADHD and other psychological or developmental conditions. 


We offer both support with personal care needs and with planned child-centred activities. Alongside family members, our specialist support staff develop a complete support plan which integrates the entire family into the care for their children.


In providing our service we consider every child’s individual needs; their physical development, mental wellbeing and their ability to develop the social, emotional, behaviour, communication and thinking skills for life.  

Children are at the centre of this service and we encourage each child to work with our team of highly skilled staff to develop their support plan their way alongside the priorities required by parents and guardians.

Our care team has practical experience in dealing with challenging behaviour, Autism spectrum disorders, complex health needs, physical disabilities and sensory impairment.


We can offer temporary care while a parent or guardian is in the hospital or recovering from an illness, or longer-term support for a child with disabilities or special needs. 


Examples of the services we can offer:


  • Escorting children from home to school and school to home.

  • Helping children and their families to prepare and getting ready for school/college.

  • Supporting children to attend in any social or cultural events including shopping.

  • Helping with personal care which includes preparing meals and feeding.

  • Supporting children to attend any appointments, including medical, curricular or social.

  • Offering activities within the home or out in the community.

  • Offering therapeutic interventions which can include exploratory, constructive, functional and pretend play.

  • Supporting the family to establish and maintain daily tasks and routines.

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