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Learning Differences 

Everyone has the right to experience the very best that life can offer with no compromise. We believe this and it is exactly our approach to supporting individuals with learning disabilities and their families. Supporting an individual to have a full and meaningful life is so important - it is our purpose.


We have such a wealth of experience supporting people with different cognitive function. We know how to come alongside the individual, learning from them how they should be supported to engage with the world in a way which is both enjoyable and meaningful for them.


For individuals with high functioning Autistic spectrum disorders, we understand why you need to have routines to live with the challenges of an increasingly chaotic world to reduce the anxieties of the unknown. 


Our staff have insight into what it feels like for you every day, know how to respond quickly and effectively when experiencing sensory overload and can take you quietly and calmly out of the situation, giving you time and space to recover. 


For individuals with profound learning disabilities we work very closely with families and main carers to provide a support plan for the individual which engages them in positive life experiences and we provide an experienced support worker to enable family carers to have personal time away from their caring role and responsibilities.

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