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Live - In Care

Live-in care provides one to one support to enable you to stay safely in your own home when daily tasks become a little more difficult, or you are simply looking for some companionship and some extra support. The care we provide is tailored to your specific

needs and can range from companionship and general help to specialised care and support.  Our live-in carer lives with you in your own home enabling you to stay in the place you know and love for as long as you want.

A genuine alternative to a residential or care home it allows you to continue to enjoy your way of life, in familiar and relaxed surroundings. Our trained staff give you the support you need, when you need it, not just in the home but supporting you to get out and about to visit friends and participate in activities.

Live-in care can also bring security and assurance for families living further apart. It gives families much more time to consider longer term options for their family member, rather than choosing residential care settings immediately.  Individuals suffering from dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s truly benefit from remaining in their familiar surroundings, maintaining their long established routines. Live-in Care is an excellent choice to minimise disruption and provide greater peace of mind and wellbeing.

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